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We believe life is a great adventure meant to be shared and celebrated. We find inspiration in people and places, in amazing stories of perseverance, triumph, kindness and courage. Experiences, especially those on the rock, teach us about who we are and they help us grow. The Inspired Climber is meant to be a place to share our stories, connect as a community, learn from each other and find inspiration.

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Why do I solo?

On August 16, Brad Parker died soloing Matthes Crest in Tuolumne Meadows just hours after asking his girlfriend to marry him on the summit of Cathedral Peak. Like many in the climbing community, the news struck a chord deep within my soul. I searched the forums to learn more about Brad Parker, hoping that I … Continue reading

Book Review: Vertical Mind

When we first heard about the release of a new book on mental training for climbing, we assumed it would be a reinvention of Arno Ilgner’s, “The Rock Warriors Way.” How much new content do these authors really have? This book has changed the way we approach rock climbing. The authors have brought information to the … Continue reading

Armaid Review

The trick to having a long lasting rock climbing career (I’m going on 18 years!) is to do a lot of body maintenance. Strengthening opposition muscles is key, but so is loosening up the parts of our bodies that we beat on. And what gets the most wear and tear? Our hands and forearms. In my … Continue reading

A First Ascent Story: Kings Canyon NP

My latest adventure started off just like many others with a harmless email. The subject – a first free ascent in Kings Canyon National Park. Without giving it much thought I agreed to the proposition. Soon after I realized that throughout life I’ve always gravitated towards leadership roles, whether it be work or play. But this isn’t … Continue reading

Romancing the Dirtbag

It’s Monday morning and you’re sitting at your desk, still reeling from the weekend’s adventures. You ask yourself, “Why am I at work? I wish I was still out there climbing!” Or maybe it’s Wednesday and your monotonous day job has left you scouring the internet in search of the perfect road-trip vehicle. Well before … Continue reading