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Welcome to the Inspired Climber!

Welcome to the Inspired Climber!

We believe life is a great adventure meant to be shared and celebrated. We find inspiration in people and places, in amazing stories of perseverance, triumph, kindness and courage. Experiences, especially those on the rock, teach us about who we are and they help us grow. The Inspired Climber is meant to be a place to share our stories, connect as a community, learn from each other and find inspiration.

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Why Having Fun Is Not Enough

Most of the time I climb with men. Partially because there are more of them in our sport than women, but also because I’m motivated by their commitment and intensity. Having a specific, goal-oriented, project-driven approach to climbing is something that doesn’t come naturally to me. And I know a lot of other women who feel the … Continue reading

Mental Training: A Trip Report On Black Orpheus

We were already 500’ above the wash when I racked up for what the guidebook calls pitch one. Granted, it’s mostly 4th class, with a few 5th class moves, but I was already feeling the exposure. From scars in the rock it’s clear that some folks rope up here. We didn’t. The little voice in my head, “How … Continue reading

Healing a Rock Climber’s Elbow Pain

If you’re a rock climber, chances are you’ll be injured at some point in your career. For some it’s loose shoulders and others ruptured finger tendons. A third common injury (and the one I suffer from) is elbow pain. The goal of this post is to pull together some helpful resources and introduce a commonly … Continue reading

Falling on Lead: Tips to Help You Improve

I hate the idea of falling on lead. I know I’m not the only one. Go to the crag, watch for a little while and you’ll hear a lot more “Take” than you will “Falling!” As much as I fear falling, I love the success of accomplishing something I didn’t think I could. To grow as … Continue reading

Review: Guide Tennie Mid (High Top)

The beloved Five Ten Guide Tennie has a new sibling. The all-new (due out next month) [updated: out now, go here to get to 5.10’s site] high top Mid offers the same dot-rubber we’ve come to know and love, with a few added perks. Summary This is an awesome version of the Guide Tennie. There … Continue reading

Trip Report: How to Fail on El Capitan (The Nose)

In September of 2011 I embarked on the biggest climb of my life, The Nose of El Capitan. Despite months of training and preparation, my three member team failed miserably resulting in a 23 hour push to reach Dolt Tower on Day 1. We bailed the next morning, receiving the coveted “Bail of the Day” Award from Tom Evans. … Continue reading

By the Light of the Moon

The full moon pulled at me. Even with my eyes covered, its spotlight lifted me from sleep. An hour passed and I lay in bed, flopping this way and that, like a fish out of water. I got up, slipped on my shoes and went into the desert. Chill air licked the sliver of bare … Continue reading