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We believe life is a great adventure meant to be shared and celebrated. We find inspiration in people and places, in amazing stories of perseverance, triumph, kindness and courage. Experiences, especially those on the rock, teach us about who we are and they help us grow. The Inspired Climber is meant to be a place to share our stories, connect as a community, learn from each other and find inspiration.

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Yoga Essentials For Climbers

Truth is, climbing more than many other sports—especially if you get into the backcountry—is a full body activity. Legs take a beating from heavy packs and high peaks. They need flexibility for high stepping and stemming. The back always needs help from either that slumped-shoulder, ape-man climber posture or from hanging in a harness all … Continue reading

The loss of a friend and the day I sent Atomic Gecko

Every climber has a nemesis route; A route that’s within his or her ability, but continues to elude him or her of a coveted redpoint. I actually have about ten, but my oldest is a beautiful little climb called Atomic Gecko (5.12b) in Pine Creek Canyon outside of Bishop, CA. It’s short length (50 ft) is countered by … Continue reading

The Best Hand & Elbow Therapy Rock Climbers Have Never Heard Of

It started when I learned about the Fuzz. A long time believer in the benefits of bodywork and massage, the Fuzz fascinated me. This thin layer under the skin and between the muscles was supposed to be hydrated and slick, allowing for free-flowing movement between skin, muscles and organs. Then I watched the Fuzz video and realized … Continue reading

The Gift of Climbing

When I was 23 my father sent me a link to a Petzl RocTrip video along with a simple message, “maybe you should try rock climbing.” I had been complaining to him about my abysmal new social life in the desert since moving across the country for my first job in 2007. The video made … Continue reading